Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork L.L.C.

Pricing and Therapies


Esalen Massage Therapy                           

Emphasis on relaxation, with a natural flow of strokes throughout the body. You'll experience a deep state of relaxation and whole body connection. 

Swedish Massage Therapy                           

Is commonly used to relieve stress and tension caused by minor aches and pains, designed to enhance your general well-being.

Bodywork Therapy (Reiki)

Tapping in the universal life force to create harmony with in the body's energy field.

Using some or all, aromatherapy, sound therapy, crystals, and guided meditation.

La Stone Therapy (Hot Stones)              

A technique using gently warmed basalt rocks, to create a primal connection to the elements of the Earth for a spiritual grounding experience.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy   

Pre-natal massage therapy alleviates common problems associated with pregnancy, including nausea, fatigue, back and sciatic pain, edema, insomnia and more.

Body Wellness Therapy

Wellness program custom designed with your individual maintenance needs in mind. Using a variety of massage techniques for your continuous wellbeing.

Sports Massage Therapy

Enhance your performance and reach your goals while reducing the risk of injury with the regenerative, energizing massage. Ask of pricing on on-site Pre and post event massage services.                      

Medical Massage/ Myoskeletal Alignment (90 Minutes)                                                                

Using advanced techniques, this service is designed to alleviate Chronic pain and tension due injury, surgery or postural misalignment. Very specific work with very effective results.

Raindrop Therapy (90 minutes)

Raindrop Technique incorporates calming, energizing, and soothing essential oils, using Lakota wisdom with the latest research in essential oils.

Raindrop Therapy is perfect for energy alignment, stress relief also creates harmonious balance of every system in the body.



Using Young living essential oils               

Additional $15.00

Young Living offers pure essential oil. Essential oil blends combine oils to enhance your massage therapy session. Experience the difference today!


60 minutes ~ $90.00

90 minutes ~ $120.00

60 Minutes Medical Massage~$110.00

90 Minutes Medical Massage ~ $140.00 



Packages Available

Purchased in groups of 5

5 ~ 60 Minute session $425.00

5 ~ 60 Minutes Medical Massage $525.00

5 ~ 90 Minute session (excluding Medical Massage) $575.00

5 ~ Medical Massage, 90 minute Sessions  $675.00




Gift Certificates Sold                              

Some insurance Accepted